Friday, September 19, 2008

I heart cash4books

I found the best book buy back site. It was super fast and easy. I sold back 5 of my college text books and got $78 - whoo hoo. I had visions of selling back all of the books I kept forever, just in case I'd ever need to look up something, but they weren't all being bought back right now. Little bummed about that. But excited about the money I did get.

Check it out at

All you have to do is enter in the ISBN of each book, the site will tell you if they are buying it back and how much for, and then you just have to pack them up and drop them in the mail - postage paid by the company.

So what'd I do with the money......I got a new purse. And I love it. Handmade in Fallon - super cute!!!! check them out at

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  1. Cash for books is really a good site for selling and buying books. Nice to hear your story. Keep it up!

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