Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Why lack of posts you ask?

and Why the crazy one of Bobby eating puffs?

We'll I'm frustrated and completely baffled at how people have cute pictures on their blogs and I can't seem to figure it out.....grrr. I'll get over it - no worries.

It's officially Bobby's birthday month. Which makes me happy but a little sad too. Not that I'm comparing or anything but he only has a couple more weeks to start walking if he's going to keep pace with his sister. She was cruising around all over the place at her 1st birthday party.

And if you are wondering where the "Gimme dat" and "Pizza making day" videos went from youtube, I had to take them down. I sent them in to funniest videos - and they want exclusive rights. So...we'll see, I think they are pretty darn cute.

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  1. Try making the resolution setting on your camera bigger.



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