Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Lenting I shall go

Every February, I rack my brain, search my soul, and try to come up with something I can give up for Lent that might possibly last longer than my New Year's Resolution. How about giving up 10 pounds this year? If only it were as easy as swearing off chocolate or ice cream. While this doesn't really fall into the doing better for the greater good category, I think it will be better for my disposition which translates into good for everybody.
So...the rules, very limited sweets, no carbs after 3pm and more exercise. I decided since Ash Wednesday is a fast day anyway, I'd kick start this plan using Mireille's Magic Leek Soup recipe. After 2 days I decided I know why it's called magical. It's disgusting. And works by making you not want to eat it or anything else for that matter. But it was just what I needed, and hopefully I won't ever have to eat it again.
The exercising is going well. I did my first in a long time, outside, 3 mile run Saturday and it was pretty enjoyable. Emma has been doing crunches with me at night. Although, I think she might actually just be taunting me. She lifts her feet to her face and in all seriousness says "When you grab your feet like this, that is exercising".
Oh, if only it were that easy.

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