Friday, March 12, 2010

shivering with antici.........pation

Maybe not this kind. But since I can't think anticipation without a little Rocky Horror Picture show, I had to share that. That's what happens with the first R rated movie you ever see not under parental supervision. You know, rights of passage and what-not.

Two weeks. Only two more weeks until my sister comes to visit. I am more than a little excited. There will be some of this, only a little different:

Of course a little FBing because that's how we roll:

And even though she is Queen of looks like this:

I keep her around because we always make these when she comes:

Maybe I will share this time. Maybe. If you beg.

Because I miss being able to do this whenever I want, just a little:

circa 1999 for those who were wondering.

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