Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Year of the Goat

Yesterday, I was feeling a lot like this.
First day of training was rough. I was feeling more than a little bit picked on.
First, the instructor took a poll on the class' (read 5 total people) education.
Was that really necessary?!
Maybe it was. Maybe if I looked more my age and less like I'm twelve he wouldn't have done that. Maybe not, maybe its protocol and I was being sensitive. I am the only one there who doesn't have their PhD.
The whole day, he would pause mid lecture with a "Rebekah, do you understand?"
"Rebekah, what's the answer?"
"Rebekah, is that right?"
"Rebekah, please repeat back everything we learned the last 7 hrs."
HOLY HECK DUDE!! Give me a break. There are 4 other perfectly answerable peeps here. Seriously.
First I was cranky.
Then I thought maybe he's just trying to make sure I'm learning what I'm supposed.
Or maybe I'm just his scapegoat. His feedback on whether or not he's getting his point across. And since I am the one with "minimal" education here chances are I won't know the answer and he won't have to embarrass somebody else.
Lets hope that's the case.
There was a lot to learn. A lot of frequency and amplitude and voltage ramping and taylor cones and currents and blah blah blah Which actually is interesting to me but it's been such a long time since I've done that kind of physics and it takes time for me to process such things.
Today was slightly better. It was all Lab learning not book learning. I even got a few laughs out of the group for my I-kind-of-know-what-I-am-doing answers. At the end of the day there was one more, "Rebekah are you following?" To which I replied a loud "Yep".
And then the instructor got it. "You are just a quiet person aren't you?"
Hopefully. If not, only two more days.


  1. I'm sorry the first day was a crapper. And I hope you learn lots. Did you go catch Avatar and/or visit a bookstore to replenish your critical supplies?

    You are pretty entertaining when you're cranky --as long as I'm not the one you are cranky with of course ;)

  2. No theaters nearby :( Might have to wait for Netflix on that one. I do however, have TWO books for the flight home.
    I think I get my cranky funny from Phyllis :)



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