Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wedding I

As much as I would like to pretend it were otherwise, my favorite sister doesn't come all this way JUST to visit with me. There was official wedding business to attend to while she was here.

We got dressed up. Shocking right?! Especially since I was convinced I was going to have to go naked. This is what happens when you wait until the day of to buy a dress.

The Boy pouted when I said he couldn't wear his carhartts to the wedding. Hello....little black dress over here. I eventually won. When we got there, it was decided that he could have worn them and been just fine.

Todd DJ'd - that was a good surprise. There was no dancing for us. Mostly because we were a threesome, so someone would have had to be lonely. I stand by my sister on abandonment issues, or she stands by me, same/same. We officially decided Jacko can't come to visit anymore if she doesn't bring her husband. He is always worth his weight in laughs and beer, such as what happened at William's wedding. But that is another story for another day.

Joleen looked amazing, but then she always does.

(Joleen, Jacko, Me, and Clay)

I would like to request a do-over on my wedding party favors. Is that an option? These were soooo stinkin' cute. They put our mix CDs to shame. Why didn't I think of that for my wedding? Probably because I was all of eight days 21 at my wedding, I'm guessing. And I wasn't fully aware yet of the plethora of bottles in miniature that can be procured at Ben's.

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