Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding Part II

Nicole and Lawrence got married last Saturday in Smith Valley. Em was the flower girl and did her part of acting goofy and shy and speed walking down the aisle. She got a good chuckle out of the audience to lighten the mood.

Its hard to believe Kayla is going to be senior next year. Makes me feel kind of old. It's soo hard to tell we all have a little Newman blood in us isn't it?
(Jacko, Kayla, and I)

The Children in order. It seems like as we get older and more involved with our own lives its harder to get the whole group together. When it happens, its required that there be photographic proof.

We even lined up in order by age and height because we are kind of dorky like that.

(William, John, Me, Jacko, Luke)

And, The Boy. Let's play captain obvious, shall we? What's the same between this picture and this picture?

Boys...Sheesh. Oops. I wrote that, and then remember that Jacko may or may not be wearing the same dress too, but at least she has a good excuse right?

The Boy couldn't stay for the after party, He had official drownings baptisms to attend to. We missed him there. And for the record, it was Phyllis who almost let Bobbo lose the groom's ring before the ceremony.

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  1. I think what is funnier is that as you all get older you get shorter. Sorry Luke.



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