Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have a confession

I'm in love with a girl!

This one, right here (FisherGirl)!

I could lick her like an ice cream cone.  Just kidding.  A little.  Maybe.  So a few months ago, the husband and I went out clubbin'.  Except you can't really call it clubbin' because we are talking about Fallon here.  And there is all of ONE place to go in town to drink, smoke, dance, be scandalous....you know, typical 20's single-type behavior.
Of which we aren't really...but that's not really to point here.

For one reason or another, the boy-parts of our group decided they were too cool for dancing.
So it was just the girls.
Having an old-fashioned good time.
And then it was 2am.
And the boy-parts were ready to leave.
So we did.

All the way home, I blathered on about how much fun, how friendly, how amazing FisherGirl was.
And all the while the husband is nodding and agreeing and making sure he doesn't say anything that might be used against him later...

Well, now I am fresh off the bachelorette party weekend with FisherGirl and I am more in love than ever.
She willingly donned the pink camo lingerie we gave her and wore it the whole night (that's brave right there!).
There was dancing.
Lots of dancing.
Some good, some we just made up.
We attempted line dances we had no idea how to do.
We stayed out 'til the sun came up.
In a few short weeks, she'll be Mrs FisherGirl, I'm excited that she'll be part of the extended family, and you better believe I'll be dancing with her at the wedding!

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