Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Then Nia Got Married

Remember a few weeks ago when I had a little confession?

Well, Nia got married.
Dang it.
But we had a good time.  Here is photographic proof.

First item of business, I am camera challenged so I don't have any good pictures inside the church.  My photography teacher would be shaking her little head at me right now.  For Shame.

It was your average, run of the mill, Catholic wedding.  The highlights were the Deacon (the one doing the officiating) was Dr. Carlson.  THE Dr. Carlson who delivered The Boy when he was born and whom The Boy prompted thanked by peeing on  him.  The same Dr. Carlson who made the decision in my tender young-girl years to NOT send me to Reno for stitches in my unmentionable area because I slipped in the bathroom and cut myself  (which I thank him for profusely)....but that should probably be saved for a TMI Thursday post, No?  And the very same Dr. Carlson whose granddaughter I used to babysit all the time and who still gets quoted from time to time in our house.
Oh....and we all laughed at Andy who got tired of standing at the altar waiting for his bride to be ready and actually sat down for a while.

Reason #35 why I am in love with Nia: She wore Cowboy boots with her Wedding dress.

Heidi, Nia, and I

And...The Woolsey Girls
(Sheri, Heidi, Me, and Laura)

There were cupcakes for wedding cake, lots of dancing, and a very windy road out of Virginia City that may or may not have interfered with my perfectly good day. 
(Translation...and then I threw up - but it was worth it.)

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