Monday, August 2, 2010

29 items of randomness

1. At 1:28 AM I turned 29
2. To celebrate I took the day off without pay (aka a furlough day)
3. I love all things black licorice
4. Except tea, I do not love anise anywhere near my tea.
5. My toes are 'I'm not a waitress red' today with cute little dragonflies painted on them.
6. When I am not showing off my new pedicure, my toes are crammed into some size 10 shoes, feet are that big.  Thank you very much.
7. Current body check: 5 piercings (ears) and no tattoos.
8. current animal status: 13 chickens, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 1 goldfish
9. The book on my bedside table: Sisterhood of the traveling pants
10. I talked to my mother at least 5 times today about what's gonna be for birthday dinner.
11.  It was decided that it'd be lasagna.  And not vegetable lasagna because Jacko's afraid of that.
12.  The amazing, delicious orange cake from here will be consumed on Wednesday because I forgot to order it on time.
13.  When I am not eating tasty, delicious orange cake, I can usually talk my mother into making strawberry angel food cake
14/15.  If I were going to the movies today I'd ask for extra butter on my popcorn and smuggle in a ginormous box of sugar babies.
16. I like my coffee sweet and creamy
17-21. for my birthday I got: A new jewelry box, a pedicure, a power balance band, a new camelbak, and a LUSH bath bomb.
22. my sister and I are trading mix CDs before she leaves today, because I can ride my bike with no handlebars and Jacko's gotta learn the words to all the Miley Cyrus songs for when Emma comes to visit her.
23.  Today's ice cream of choice: Butter pecan
24. Time I took a shower today and brushed my teeth for the first time: 2:35pm
25. Number of PB blossom cookies I've eaten so far today: six.  And most of those were for breakfast.
26. And since I'm technically not celebrating any birthdays past 25
27. And because this list was harder than I thought it'd be
28. And because it's my birthday and I do what I want
29.  That's it.

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  1. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great day and amazing dinner with your family.



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