Sunday, November 14, 2010

You CAN teach and old dog new tricks

So I'm reading this book right now (I'm sure you're going to hear about it at some point), it's titled Born to Run.  It's is speckled with tales about some of the greatest ultra-runners in the world.

(SIDEBAR: Ultra-runners make marathoners look like beginners)

It's got the wheels spinning in my head right now.

This year has mostly been made up of 3, 4, or 5 mile treks around the neighborhood.  But last week my running buddy asked if I wanted to try 8.

Ummm....sure.  I think.

We started off and she kept pace with me to keep me motivated.  A few miles in, Trina stops me and says "Let me show you a different form".

No arms at 90 degree angles, no long strides, no heel-to-toe strike.  It felt strange at first.  But then I noticed my heart rate was lower, my breathing was slower, and a smile had crept back onto my face.

At the end of 8 miles I felt amazing and could have turned around and run the route again.

I've been running with the same form I learned in 7th grade up until now.  I never knew what I was missing!

Now, if someone could just teach my dog that chickens are friends not food, THAT would be awesome!!

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