Friday, January 7, 2011


Today is not going on my list of best days ever. 

1. I was startled awake by the alarm clock this morning thinking, "It's Saturday, why did I set the alarm?"
(because in fact, it's NOT Saturday it is Friday....sadface)

2. I had to go the alternate long route to work.  The freezing fog caused a 7 car accident including two tractor trailers and they shut down the freeway.  (freeway shutdown....sadface.)

3. There were no elevator rides in the rickety, old FA elevator to the 3rd floor, because there is in fact no one left to entertain me up there.
(Being the Biochemistry Department forgotten step-child...sadface)

4. Not finding out until 4pm that I will indeed be working both Saturday & Sunday.
(The boy's going to be so cranky about this...sadface)

But tomorrow is another day right?
And it really is Saturday.
And it's going to involve birthday dinner for the boy and some FSIL time
And I'm pretty sure if I get this on my lunch break it will cheer me up.


  1. Yep, that's a crapper!

    Hope you got your Sephora fix. And that your evening/weekend are better!

  2. Hey Zeke,

    Hope you are well and just really busy. Take care.



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