Thursday, February 10, 2011

I went to the beach and didn't put my toes in the ocean

View from my hotel window
 The boy and I took a well needed vacation (work related, but no children) last weekend.  Aside from crazy, ridiculous delays and missed flights at the airport it was a nice get away.  We literally were this close to the beach but never ventured down to the water to put our toes in.    I really am okay with that.  There were quite a few surfers enjoying the waves.  It was entertaining watching them try to catch the perfect wave all while I was happily eating breakfast and sipping coffee.  Don't worry, I kept my eyes peeled for sharks.  No sighting to report.

Summary of the weekend:
All the lobster, clams, oysters, prime rib, pizza, hot dogs, s'mores, brownies, etc any person could consume
A ridiculous percentage of Left Center Right wins against unsuspecting gamblers (only $3 to play people, $3)
20 fingers and 20 toes pampered, scrubbed and polished
4 spicy, yet tasty bloody marys thoroughly enjoyed
2.5 books read during said airport fiasco
1 impulse airport buy
0 wins from any of the 3 superbowl pools we participated

And then right before we had to leave for the airport to come home, The Boy saved my $4 chocolate strawberry from a greedy of the many reasons I love that boy.


p.s. Completely unrelated to this post - Relyn always has the best lists.  I love this one.

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