Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Public Service Announcement

This is the post where I admit that it took me 6 weeks to figure out how to use the nike+ chip with my new nano.

6 weeks!

Isn't that ridiculous?!  I think it is.  And I'm ashamed to admit it.  I got the new nano for christmas, the one that has a touch screen.   But then the weather was bad.  Then, the weather was fabulous and I assumed it would be as easy as plugging the sensor in and hitting the open road.  I ran 5 miles.  And in that 5 miles, I tried to calibrate my sensor by 1 mile increments, 5 times.  Five times.  Five times I ran the mile only to get a calibrate unsuccessful message. 

So I shelfed it for a week begging the task off to and thinking I needed to read the instructions.  The next weekend I decided to give it another try on the open road.  Afterall, you just plug the sensor into the ipod, walk around to recognize the chip, choose calibrate on the menu and press stop at the end of 1 mile.

Fail. Again.

So then I decided that I really did need to read the instructions.  And I learned absolutely nothing from either the nano instructions or the Nike+ instructions. (except that's not really true because I did learn that I can change the direction of the screen on the ipod by putting two fingers on the screen and twisting).

After some extensive and random google searches I came across one on one of those answers websites that says the chip has to be attached to your shoe nike swoop up.

Swoop up People!

I should have known?
I should have guessed?
I had a 50:50 chance and I got it wrong.

So.  If you are having trouble, check your swoop.

That is all.

I am off to run!

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