Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A miscommunication and a good read

The work running club is working out pretty well.  We have been getting in some good runs and a little visiting too.

One day, there was talk of school, and little kids, and Halloween costumes and something called Chasing Fireflies.  The first hit on the googlebox was a novel by Charles Martin.  Always up for reading suggestions, I promptly requested it from the library.  Turns out though, that we were really talking about a website with ridiculously cute (and a bit expensive) Halloween costumes.

Chasing Fireflies begins with a suicidal woman and a young boy.  She throws him from the car seconds before being hit by a train.  A journalist named Chase Walker is assigned to find out who this mystery boy is who doesn't speak a word, shows signs of severe physical abuse, but can draw amazing things with a pencil and paper.  The book is a mix between this young boy's story, flashbacks to Chase's own childhood in the foster care system, and the man who took them both in, Unc Willee.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, especially considering I was supposed to be looking for Halloween costumes when I found it.

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