Monday, January 30, 2012

Funerals and caketinis

One idle Saturday morning....

Okay, actually it was a Saturday that went nothing as planned.  There were 57 things on the to-do list this particular Saturday and not nearly enough time to do them all in. 

First item on the list, a funeral, it lasted a lot longer than I had thought it would, and on the way home from said funeral (which was a nice mass and the son gave an exceptional eulogy) it started snowing.  That's when I decided that maybe one shouldn't plan 57 things on a day when you attend a funeral AND forget to bring kleenex with you.  Seriously.  Who forgets tissue when you know there will be tears....and so items 2 through 57 were scratched off the list.

It happened to pass that some friends were in town getting supplies for their house addition from the only Lowe's within 45 miles of their house and stopped by to say hi.  As girls sometimes do, we started talking birthdays and parties and pinterest and caketinis!

Our version

The original recipe can be found here: marshmallow caketini's

Except I am impulsive so this one is equal parts store bought marshmallow vodka and cherry 7-up.  With vanilla frosting and birthday confetti balls on the rim.

It was delicious and you should try it!

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