Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolutions 2012 edition

My 2012 resolutions seem a bit quirky this year.  But that's okay, I myself am a bit quirky.

1. Go Fishing - I'm going to buy a fishing license and actually get my money's worth out of the stinkin' thing.  We haven't been on many fishing adventures since the little people came into our lives.  I think it's about time to dust of my lucky yellow fishing pole and get out there again.  I'll be needing the husband to come along too as I've never been a good boy scout and my hook tying abilities are no-so-great.

2. Teach Emma to finger knit - When I was a little girl....oh, wait.  My mother never taught me how to knit.  But there is more that one fabulous lady at knitting that recounts stories of when they were little they were knitting socks by age 5.  I worked with the girlchild a bit last year but she really hasn't graduated to being able to knit on her own.  I think finger knitting might just be the ticket.

3. Keep on Running - Last year all the running buddies joined the 1000 mile club on facebook.  And I looked at my mileage and was ashamed.  Which is silly, because I more than doubled my mileage from the previous year.  I'm looking to do a few repeat races and a few new ones this year.  Running has been a good physical and emotional outlet for me and it's good for my soul even if some people just don't get it.

4. Learn how to whistle - I'm not sure if this one is achievable but I'm going to try. I would like to be able to whistle really loud.  It occurred to me recently (while we were out Christmas tree cutting) that having a good strong whistle wouldn't be a bad thing.  I found myself off on my own looking for the perfect tree, while the husband was loading firewood, the girlchild was off finding cool rocks for her collection, and Burrito was on the look out for pterodactylman**.  I decided that I need a better way of summoning the minions back to the truck when I'm done freezing my butt off and want to find my way back home before dark.

5. Take more field trips:  Two specifically are on the list: Hidden Caves and Berlin Ichthyosaur Park.  Hidden caves because it's cool and I think the kids would enjoy it.  And Berlin because it is such a big part of my family history and the children have never been there.  I'd like them to go with their Grandpa before that's no longer an option.
The husband has also requested that we check out Fort Churchill.  Here's the part where I sheepishly admit to as a native Nevadan, that I have never been there either.  Oh, I've driven past it about a gazillion times but I've never headed out the door with Fort Churchill as a destination on my mind.  We'll fix that this year too.

Happy New Year to you!

**Pterodactylman according to Burrito, is part pterodactyl and part man (duh!).  Not be confused with little foot (a longneck) or big foot (a giant hairy beast).  Pterodactylman chooses cotton candy over little people to eat...don't you worry.

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