Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle, a 2005 memoir, is the childhood tale of Jeannette Walls.  Born to an artist mother and an electrician father who find it hard to keep a job or money in the family account, they move frequently and take only what belonging can fit in the sometimes reliable car.  Which isn't much when you are trying to pack in 4 children too.  At times, the hardship and frustrations of such living seep through the storytelling, but turn the page and it's back to a life is a great adventure story.  The memoir follows her frequent family relocations and the path it took her to become the journalist she is today.

The family lived in Battle Mountain, NV for a spell and even though I never called that place home (thank goodness), it's always more fun to read about places I know.

I'm starting to think that hard luck memoirs are the best tales to tell.  They give the reader something to make them feel better about their own lives and the desire to cheer the author on through the hard times.  This one is equally as good or even better than, Angela's ashes.  Maybe because it has fewer references to toast and jam and tea and probably the fact that I'm not giving any of those things up for lent this year.

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  1. This book will give you chills, and it will also make you think about homelessness and the unique stories these souls carry. Much praise should be given to Walls and her siblings, for having walked through fire, and coming out alive.



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