Tuesday, February 7, 2012

p.s. I love you

Today was one of those days where I took myself out for a run with a million things competing for some attention in my brain.

The first, the news aired this story today. Friday the 10th is wear purple day:

The second, In a Week or Two by Diamond Rio came on my ipod (it's set to random....and the playlist does get quite interesting sometimes). Which made me ponder item number one even more. Mostly about how sometimes one just doesn't know how to help. Or what to say to someone that you can clearly see is struggling with depression or just life in general. I didn't come up with a solution either. Feel free to to chime in if you have a good one!

The third, I have been racking my brain for meaningful lent resolutions. The priest mentioned we could give up something that would be a challenge and a sacrifice to us. All I've come up with so far is to quit feeding the girlchild.....not quite sure that's what I was supposed to get out of Sunday's homily.

And that's all I got. A whole bunch of "I don't knows" and that you should tell your loved ones you love them.
Just in case.
Because you never know if tomorrow will be an option.

(Did I mention we have been talking a lot about the end of times and purgatory in RCIA....bet you couldn't tell)

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