Friday, April 27, 2012

Tough Sh*t: Life advice from a fat, lazy slob who did good

Confession:  I got this audio book from the library for the boy.  Trying to be nice and all.  But then I found myself needing something for myself to listen to on my commute and it was only 5 discs after all.

Written and narrated by Kevin Smith, this audio book was just the uplifting entertainment I needed after reading too many holocaust novels in a row.  Just in case you are wondering, Kevin Smith is popularly known as Silent Bob.  He has quite the list of accomplishments, which I'm not going to spell out, but you can read them here if you'd like.  The book is primarily about how Smith decided that he wanted to make movies and how he made that dream happen.  It also talks about how his film career evolved over the years.

I've seen most of his films, but after listening to the book, I feel like I should go back and watch the ones I passed over.  Those would be Jersey Girl, Cop out, and Red State.  Which was my favorite of his films?  Well, I think it's a tie between Jay and Silent Bob strike back and Dogma. 

After stalking the wiki page I learned that Tough Sh*t is actually his fourth book.  hmmm...might have to check out the other books now.

And that we share the same birthday.  Oh, really....

So, if you need a break from the dramas of life.   I think you'll enjoy this book.  Unless potty language is a hot spot with you.  Still, I say try it and see.

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