Wednesday, June 20, 2012

RTO 2012

The Reno Tahoe Odyssey is a 178 mile relay race around Lake Tahoe.  You take 12 people of various acquaintance levels and put them into 2 vans for 24 hours-ish.  The race is short on sleep and showers but long on personal accomplishments and fun! 

I averaged a 9:20 minute mile for my 17 miles.  I think this cross fit thing is actually helping me out without my consciously having to do speed work training. 

Year 2 for Disco Velveeta

That's funny right there!

Can I switch vans please??

Getting good use out of my sparkle skirt so I can talk the boy into letting me get a 2nd one.
p.s.  Look how perky I look at 6am. Gross!

My favorite running buddy from another team.  Took me quite some time to catch up to her but I did :)

Cheers!  We finished the race and no one died!

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