Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Missing the bandwagon

Have you read Born to Run yet?  If not, you should check it out.  Even if you are not a runner, it's an interesting read.  The book mentions that Chia seeds, you little bits of energy gold just waiting for you to eat them and be fast like lightning.

Or something like that.

There are quite a few recipes out there for making bars or muffins with them.  But lets be honest here.  I'm lazy.  And so I opted to try just letting the seeds soak in water with a little honey and lemon juice or something and then drinking them down. 

Oh. my. gross.
I am epic failing at jumping on the chia bandwagon.  All I can think about when I look at these swollen balls of goo are salmon eggs.  Like on sushi, or in my family history, being stored (for far too long) in the motor home bath tub as easily accessible fish bait.
I found some websites on the internet that say you can soak them in water and then add them to whatever you'd like. 
To your breakfast smoothie....sure.
To your spaghetti sauce...why not.
To your oatmeal....go for it.

And now I'm wondering if you soak them in gin like you do with raisins for arthritis, would it work out the same?  Except I don't like gin.  So that's a problem.

And has anyone really tried that vodka soaked gummy bear recipe that's floating around pinterest right now?

After trying them several times and having the package mock me from the kitchen counter for 6 months, I have donated them to the sister-in-law.  She wanted them for her yogurt.

I wished the seeds good riddance and her good luck!  I'll have to find something else to make me a speedier runner.

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