Thursday, February 14, 2013

Do not cry over spilt cocoa

Not too long ago, we had a little situation that involved a crockpot, tasty-delicious polar express hot chocolate, a Christmas Eve family get together, the boy, and the garage floor.

It. was. a. sad. hot. chocolately. mess.

With the final result of a broken crockpot and one very black-and-blue big toe.

The good news is that I did not have anything planned for the boy for his upcoming birthday.

Happy Birthday to you!
The boy really wanted the Ninja but we decided this one had better reviews.   But then the Ninja was on QVC last weekend and we had to watch it.  You know for research purposes of course.

And then we decided that anything the Ninja can do we can do BETTER :)

I tried out a new gluten-free coffee cake recipe last weekend and thought I should do a comparison of oven baked versus steamed in the crockpot too.  Since the Ninja man insisted steaming cakes is really the way to go.

The one on the left is oven baked, the one on the right steamed in the crockpot.

Survey says:
The crockpot version was definitely a moister cake, but I realized we didn't factor in the nuts to this experiment.  The coffee cakes had chopped pecans sprinkled on the top.  steaming pecans leaves them kind of soggy....which is not what most people would expect from their nuts.

We have steamed a chicken.
Fried brussels sprouts.
Made sweet potato fries.

But what to do next....?

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