Monday, April 15, 2013

A Starting Point

Sunday marked my 'test' race to make sure I am going to be able to run in the Reno Tahoe Odyssey this year.  It's 6 weeks away...
I've been following a ACL rehab running schedule of alternating running and walking, with gradually increasing the running time each week. This week I'm at run 5 mins - walk 1 min.

All ready for our first 10K of the year
The Boy said he'd stay with me to make sure everything was alright during the race.  But he learned (as I already know!) that this whole walking/running thing is hard.  You get into a solid pace and breathing rhythm and then it's time to walk.  And you have to spend the first couple minutes getting back to that sweet spot again.

My favorite running buddy and I at the starting line
After half way The boy said he was going to keep jogging.  I watched him slowly put some distance between us.  And by the last 1.5 miles I was itching to catch him.  So I quit walking.  And then I picked up the pace.  And then I picked up the pace a little bit more.  I really was thinking I would catch him by the finish line.  Not so.  He beat me by a solid 3 minutes!  My final time was 10 minutes slower than my best time before I wrecked my knee.  At least I have a starting point now. 
I have 6 weeks and lots of improving left to do.

When you want to roast marshmallows and all you have are minis....

Milestone weekends call for celebrations, no matter what size your marshmallows are.
(and as a public service announcement....peeps roasted over an open fire....are not a good idea.  They were terrible!)

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