Friday, February 14, 2014

Thoughts on this Valentine's day

The makings of probably the very best, tastiest, homemade sugar cookies ever!

While, I was planning on teasing you with these sugar cookies, which we made to take to the assisted living home in town.  I will have to save it for another day.  Partly because I was going to share the top secret family recipe here, but I forgot it at home (of course!).  And partly because today there was a fatality accident on my normal route to work.  An accident that happened at exactly the time and location that I *should* have been at had I not been running 10 minutes late.
Late, because today is Valentine's day.
Because there were gifts to gift this morning,
and sleepy, week-weary children to prod along
and sleepover bags to pack
and favorite stuffed animals to find.
It is all just a small (or maybe a big) reminder that everyday is a gift.
And I'm thankful I get to spend today with my loves.


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