Friday, April 4, 2014

Oh Hi!

I knew having two kids in school would be busy, but it seems like most days is a race to get it all done by bedtime.

The crossfit games are over now.  The bruises from doing a million (okay...not a million, but it sure felt like it at the time) thrusters are starting to fade.  I am still nursing a pretty tender bump on my shin from box jumps.

It was an amazing, challenging, and exhausting experience. I honestly can't wait till next year to do it again. My list of things that I need to work on is long. But it is such a rewarding feeling to learn a new skill or move heavier weight. Top of my list is kipping pull-ups and double unders. I will get them...
And now it's time to focus our attention on running.  The Reno-Tahoe Odyssey will be here before we know it.

Ah, the daffodils, an instant day brighter when I pull into the driveway.  We have been working hard on prepping for the coming growing season.  The boy aerated the lawn, we started seeds in the greenhouse, and put in our spring planting order to the nursery.

And I launched a new business.  It's been time consuming coming up to speed knowledge-wise but the boy has been a rockstar at home and I'm really enjoying this experience.  Good things are coming.  This is Bobby's "Let me tell you about Nerium" face, I love it!

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