Friday, May 16, 2014

Let's Do it Again

Mile one, just for fun
Mile two, just for you
Mile three, just for me
Mile four, give me more
Mile five, I am alive
Mile six, just for kicks
Mile seven, I am in heaven
Mile eight, it feels great
Mile nine, I'm right on time
Mile ten, let's do it again

No one ever talks about miles 11-13.1! :)

pre-run selfie

A few weeks ago the boy and I ran the Safari Park half marathon in San Diego.  I have really been looking forward to this one!

I was pretty happy with this picture.  The only one I took while in motion, shot from the hip (literally...I had the camera tethered there).  I am always impressed by the runners who do the whole thing carrying flags!

That guy, on the right there, is running barefoot....he has his shoes tucked into the back of his shorts.  I can't even imagine 13.1 miles barefoot.

Now, I studied the course before hand, and knew it had three good sized hills, but it is something else entirely to be standing at the bottom and know what you have in store.

Quite possibly my favorite sign along the course!  There is truth in that.

Running through the park was pretty cool!  The elephants and rhinos were my favorite.

Only one half marathon left on the books this year.  I wanted to enjoy and sight see the zoo run so it was a little bit slower than I am capable of.  But the next one is going to be a time goal!

And then it's planning for next year, maybe next year will be the year for me to check a marathon off my bucket list.   I do love the half marathon distance though, the run at Mammoth is pretty high on on wish list too.  

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