Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Reno Tahoe Odyssey 2014

This year marked the fourth year I have run the Reno Tahoe Odyssey and the first year I got to be "Van Mom".  I let the boys do the driving and did my best to be hands on and supportive (even in the wee hours of the night!)

Disco Velveeta year 4

A pretty sweet addition to our team this year, my brother and his wife, William and Erin - respectively, ran with us.  Maybe one day we will take over a whole van...who knows!

The exchange at the top of Dog Valley
 This year also marked the most "training" the boy logged for the relay.  I think we might have found a winning system here, sign him up for as many 10K races as I can find between February and the end of May and call it good.  He did well this year!

The boy and I ran back to back legs.  It was pretty nice to be able to hand off to each other.  He ran leg five which has some good runs, it's the route I did last year.  This year I tackled leg 6.  Short on miles but steep on hills.  I wanted a good challenge, I'm really happy with my times!

Our crew, waiting at Homewood for the start of our second legs.  If you haven't done a relay race before, there really is no experience quite like it.  You'll end up short on sleep but the journey is beyond worth it!  Thinking about doing a relay run?  Here are some great tips for first timers.

I logged 19 kills this year.  19.  And an even better statistic...in all three of my runs I only got passed by one person.  I was very surprised (and happy) about this.  Historically, I have been the passee not the passer!

Middle of the night shenanigans in our way-cool socks!  What else are you gonna do at 2 am??

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