Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tough Mudder

I found this old draft dated September 2012  while I was cleaning out the old blog clutter today.   I considered just deleting it.  But I couldn't bring myself to do it.  You see, I started crossfit as a desperate, I-better-get-my-act-together-I'm-signed-up-for-the-tough-mudder move, and I found a family there.  One that celebrates accomplishments and encourages every single person who walks through the door.  I considered finishing the end of the draft as I imagine I would have.  But instead, I've left it as is.  Truth be told, it has been quite a journey.  The tough mudder is still an accomplishment in my book, even though it ended in ACL reconstruction and 6 months of physical therapy.  Crossfit carried me through therapy and recovery and I am faster than I ever was before.  For that and the amazing friendships I have made along the way, I am very grateful.

The gym is organizing a tough mudder team this year.  
They will have a good time at it, I am sure!

And so....

Last year I put running the Tough Mudder on my bucket-to-do list.  So when a girlfriend called me up and asked if I'd be on her team I couldn't really tell her no.  This was going to be my one chance and the motivation I needed.

Mostly because I didn't want to chicken out I stayed away from the website and the training guide.  Smart right?

It turns out that I joined a team chalk full of workout-junkies!  And so I didn't disappoint them with my athletic abilities I decided I better get my act together.  I joined crossfit.  After attending classes twice a week for months now you'd think I'd feel like I'm getting stronger.  I leave class every day feeling like I have so much more room for improvement.  But you know what?  It's just what I need.  I'm not a pusher.  Speedwork is virtually non-existent for me.  I need the accountability of some one telling me to run faster or squat deeper.

An unexpected bonus to all of this, is that I am becoming a faster runner.  Running, is where my heart really is, and without consciously trying, my half marathon time improved by 15 minutes.

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