Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Following Atticus

I'm not dead (we established that last week) and I didn't quit reading...I'm sure you were worried about both!  Truth be told, I've read quite a few doozies lately that weren't worth talking about.

I also have run out of books that are both officially on my "to read" list and are available at the library, so I have been browsing the e-book list at the library for what's available now.

That's how I found Tom Ryan's Following Atticus.

I thought, I like dogs....I read Marley and Me....I'll give it a go.  It turned out to be a great book!  A book about one little, furry puppy saving a man's life.   Together they hiked mountains that the world told them were too hard for such a duo to accomplish. 

And (spoiler alert!), even better than Marley and Me, Atticus is still around today, enjoying life.  He even has his own blog and facebook page.  If you are a dog lover or outdoor enthusiast I bet you'd enjoy this book just as much as I did.  

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