Friday, August 8, 2014

Oh, Hi There

So...I'm still alive.

I realize it has been crickets here for the last month on the old blog.  I find myself staring into the last week of summer vacation and thinking, What? It's time for back to school already?  The kids had some good play dates, I managed to mostly stay up on the weed situation in the garden (which was a new years resolution!), we made it to the water park once, I got to see my sister two different times (still loving the fact that she's back in my time zone), so I guess we did get a lot done.

I turned a year older last week.  The boy helped me plan a fun birthday beer crawl and I was able to talk everyone at the gym into running with me.

Reno had fireworks just for my birthday.  They really shouldn't have, but I totally loved them!  (okay, okay...they were for hot August nights but whatever).

My sister stayed a week with us, good thing the Sulley-monster is so cute...otherwise he wouldn't be allowed on my bed!

Bob lost three teeth in as many weeks.

And just last night I caught Emma sitting at the table giving grandpa a pep talk about not being scared when they cut his cast off.

In the next week there will be school shopping and one last camping trip for the kids before we head back to homework and stricter bedtimes.

1 comment:

  1. I sometimes wish life could be one endless summer, sadly it never will be.
    It looks like you and your loved ones had plenty of fun together though. Long may it continue!



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