Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's the cinnamon sticks

Cold then. A slow gritting lorry flashed its orange globe at me as I came here.  I see our parents have left a glass jar of pot-pourri with you-fir cones in it, cinnamon sticks.  A dried, golden pear.  I don't know what its scent is-spice, but also a musk, of some kind.  Frankincense?  Nor do I know very much of how love is shown, for I so rarely show it.  But these are the gestures people remember, or kneel at, I know that much.  It isn't the big declarations.  No brass bands playing.  It's cinnamon sticks, or a drawing of sleeping dog.  Or the gift of a stone moved with the sea for so many years that its rolled into a smooth round ball.

Advent is one of my very favorite seasons in the church year.  A time of preparing and getting ready for Christmas.  It has been fun each year to add something to our little family's advent traditions.

For several years now I have eyed my sister's advent calendar, with its perfect sized pockets for lindor chocolate balls.  She bought it at a craft fair many years ago and I haven't found anything like it in my own wanderings.

Oh I have scoured pinterest and it's advent boards and there are plenty of good ideas out there.  But alas, these hands of mine are not so crafty.  It always looks better in my head than it turns out in real life.

But I gave it a good go this year.  I made my own festive red and green paper bags, filled with two pieces of candy and a task inside to be completed by the family each night.  The outside has a bible verse to be read before opening the gift.  Why two toned bags?  Because I have two littles of course!  And I thought it would make it easier to remember who's turn it is.

(side note: I tried to mix the candy up a little so it would be a surprise.  Among other things there are strawberry candies, the lindor balls, andes mints, candy canes, butterscotch disks.  I didn't put too many of the lindor balls in because I wasn't sure how they would go over with the 8 and under crowd and lets face it...they are kind of pricey.  Just yesterday, Bobby asked me if I had any more of those little chocolate balls that melt in your mouth....I knew I loved that kid!  He has good taste.)

My goal for this advent season?  Less crazy stressing and more preparing.
Preparing our home.
Preparing our hearts.
Preparing the way for what matters most.

Now that I am somewhat happy with our Advent calendar, I have got my eye on this,
cradle to cross wreath (http://adventtolenttoascensionwreath.blogspot.ca/), it intrigues me, maybe next year.

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  1. It's always heartwarming to hear that family traditions aren't a thing of the past.
    I hope you and your loved ones enjoy the season!



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