Friday, January 1, 2016


If you want to be successful at accomplishing your goals, tell someone.  It holds you accountable.

Apparently I did not post about my 2015 resolutions last year.  Which is a surprise even to me, especially because it was the year of the marathon AND the Spartan Trifecta.  Which happened and I didn't yay!

This year?  Is looking a little different.  I'm registered for just one half marathon.  We decided that we'd run a 5K series (three races) with our favorite little people.  I am still desperately on a quest to get into the 100 double under club (I'm up to 70 unbroken currently)'s harder than I expected it would be.  I am aiming to get 10 strict pull ups and this year I really will work on the pistol (it's a hold over from 2014).

And also, to spend more time with my Dad this year.  At 85 years old, I realize that I better soak him up while I still can.  He has the best stories and I hope to share some of them here this year :)

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