Monday, February 29, 2016

The year of the 5Ks

The first family 5K of the year is finished!

It snuck up on us fast.  We didn't have nearly as much training under our feet as the original plan.  But it was fun nonetheless and a fundraiser for the local high school cross country team.

Short one shoe....he was off chatting it up with someone

Our youngest (and admittedly the least active of us) was discouraged by the hills on the course.  We had a little chat, as we climbed them, about just doing the best with what we have and it doesn't matter what place you get if you tried your best.  Which I think is a lot harder lesson to learn these days when there are so many participation awards so that kids don't feel bad.

In the end he had good hustle and beat his old mom across the finish.  Which calls for celebrating of course.  Or at least a hearty breakfast.

These two were running buddies for the race.  They make quite the pair!

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