Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can we go back to day 1

As we celebrate bobby's 9 mos birthday we also welcome a new addition to the extended Woolsey family. Mitch and Sheri had their baby girl, Chloe, yesterday. She is beautiful and tiny and small and adorable as all babies should be. It makes me wish we could start over with Bobby - just to have him be baby brand new again - I would love that.

It seems as if Bob has kicked growing into high gear. It took him forever to figure out the crawling thing and now at 9 mos he prefers to stand. Hard to believe. One of his new favorite past times is to pull all of the wine bottles out of the wine rack. We'll be in trouble with this one.

So, here's to you Bob - and try not to drink all of my coffee.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I heart cash4books

I found the best book buy back site. It was super fast and easy. I sold back 5 of my college text books and got $78 - whoo hoo. I had visions of selling back all of the books I kept forever, just in case I'd ever need to look up something, but they weren't all being bought back right now. Little bummed about that. But excited about the money I did get.

Check it out at http://cash4books.net/index.php?ref=77448

All you have to do is enter in the ISBN of each book, the site will tell you if they are buying it back and how much for, and then you just have to pack them up and drop them in the mail - postage paid by the company.

So what'd I do with the money......I got a new purse. And I love it. Handmade in Fallon - super cute!!!! check them out at www.toocutetotes.com

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Knifty Projects

Okay - no laughing seriously.

  1. This one technically isn't knit but it's the first thing I "made" - a baby blanket for Chloe Lee

2. I made Emma a handbag for her girly stuff. She mostly keeps her horses from Aunt Jacko in it though.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Looks like Dad needs a new truck

We bought a new truck last week. After a great deal of research on Will's part and as little as possible on mine, Will decided on the truck he wanted. A 2008 Toyota Tacoma, double cab, sport edition, white. For months now I have been asking Will to stall on buying a new truck. With the end of my car payments in sight I thought it would be best to finish one loan before starting a new one - novel idea I know. Then suprisingly, Emma cheerfully announces one day "Looks like Dad needs a new truck" Clever girl, she noticed that the four of us couldn't fit into the 3 seater we currently own. Since I was already getting my oil changed at Reno Toyota I suggested we look and see if they had any on the lot and what the price was. Well, two hours later and no new vehicle, we left feeling a little disgruntled. Reno toyota basically said we missed the boat, no way were we going to find what we were looking for this late in the car selling year. The closest match was in Washington and that wasn't economical for them to trade. Welcome Challenge! I don't know what it is but I hate being told I cannot do something. So I sweetly suggested the next morning that we should just stop by and look at Fallon Auto Mall on our way to drop the kids off at daycare and see what they have, and then we'll check out Carson City. Cruising around the lot before hours we find the truck Will wants but in Silver. I volunteer to call Carson and see if they have it in white, nope. So, a few hours later....We are the proud owners of a silver 2008 toyota tacoma double cab. Pictures to follow.
p.s. Emma loves it!


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