Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Murder in Margaritaland

Last weekend we were invited to a murder mystery party. This was a first for the boy and I both and while we both were a little curious about how this was all going to play out (me especially with my non-existing acting skills) we knew it'd be fun - since 95% of the attendees were also family.

Before the party we all got cards that introduced us to our character and what we needed to know to play our part well. I got to be a grown up child actress who's spent part of her life interacting with the wrong crowd - I have since done a few weeks in rehab but broke myself out. The boy, of course, got to be Jack Daniels a bartender who is quite friendly with most of the girls on the island.

We all had objectives that we had to do before the end of the night. All in all - it was a night full of good food, a lot of laughs, and some light hearted drama.

Me as Starr Bright

Jack Daniels and Tatem Tatt

The best agent a girl could ask for

Jack's being fired for sleeping with the Millionaire's girlfriend

I soooo knew that He'd be the victim

The sign of a good one ever suspects you. No one in the party guess who the murderer was......what's that say about us.

We should have known - just look at this face

Monday, April 13, 2009

weekend window

Some fun pictures of how we spent our weekend (Someday I'll figure out how to put them side by side on here).


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