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2013 - By the Books

Figures, the year I decide not to care whether I make it to 100 books is the year I very nearly do.

In Short:
I really enjoy Alexandra Fuller's writing style.  I read three of her books this year and have more waiting on my to read list.  Anyone who enjoyed Jeanette Walls' The Glass Castle would enjoy Alexandra Fuller's books. 

I am not really a big Steve Jobs fan but Walter Isaacson's biography was an enjoyable, easy read.  Einstein's biography however was a different story.  I think I might be less of an Einstein fan after having read it.

I read The Spectacular Now simply so I could see the movie.  And then I didn't love the book ending and now I'm afraid to watch the movie.

Anyone who is a Downton Abbey follower would enjoy Kate Morton's The House at Riverton.

I'm nearly caught up on the Orsen Scott Card Books.  I think I might have enjoyed the Shadow series a lot more than the Ender series on that one.

I'm surprised that the interwebs claim Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises as his best literary works.  I just didn't get it. (Typical of me and "classics" I think).  But I did love Farewell to Arms.

Nora Ephron it turns out is my kind of funny.  I Feel Bad About my Neck would be a good gag gift for any over 30 girl in your life.

1. Mitch Albom - The Timekeeper****
2. John Case - The Genesis Code****
3. Justin Cronin - The Passage****
4. Geraldine Brooks - Year of Wonders*****
5. Alexandra Fuller - Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight*****
6. Walter Isaacson - Steve Jobs Biography*****
7. Jaycee Dugard - A Stolen Life****
8. Anne Tyler - The Beginner's Goodbye***
9. Scott Turow - Reversible Errors***
10. Helen Simonson- Major Pettigrew's Last Stand ***
11. Orsen Scott Card - Shadow of the Hegemon *****
12. Animals in Translation - Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson****
13. Alan Bradley - Speaking from Among the Bones****
14. Paula Deen - It Ain't All About the Cookin****
15. Ann Patchett - State of Wonder*****
16. Robb Wolf - The Paleo Solution*****
17. Cecelia Ahern - The Book of Tomorrow***
18. Nancy Turner - These is My Words*****
19. Orsen Scott Card - Shadow Puppets*****
20. Cassandra Clare - City of Bones****
21. Gabrielle Hamilton - Blood, Bones, and Butter*****
22. Nicholas Sparks - Safe Haven*****
23. Heather Gudenkauf - These Things Hidden**
24. Loren Cordain - The Paleo Diet****
25. Ken Jennings - Because I Said So*****
26. Orsen Scott Card - Shadow of the Giant****
27. Orsen Scott Card - A War of Gifts***
28. Betsy Carter - The Orange Blossom Special***
29. Orsen Scott Card - Ender in Exile***
30. Robin Sloan - Mr. Penembra's 24-hour Library*****
31. Barbara Kingsolver - Animal, Vegetable, Miracle****
32. Orsen Scott Card - Shadows in flight***
33. Justin Cronin - The Twelve****
34. Walter Isaacson - Einstein**
35. Jim Bishop - The Day Lincoln was Shot**
36. Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson - Spousonomics****
37. Bill Bryson - The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid***
38. John Green - Looking for Alaska****
39. Joseph Marshall III - The Journey of Crazy Horse**
40. Julian Barnes - The Sense of an Ending**
41. Alexandra Fuller - Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness*****
42. Sarah Dunn - The Secrets of Happiness*
43. Marian Keyes - This Charming Man*
44. Barbara Kingsolver - Flight Behavior****
45. Orsen Scott Card - Earth Unaware***
46. Mark Haddon - The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-time****
47. Ann Patchett - What now?*****
48. Alice Kuipers - Life on the Refrigerator Door****
49. Janet Chadwick - Busy Person's Guide to Preserving Food***
50. Sarah Blake - The Postmistress ***
51. Emily Giffin - Love the One You're With**
52. Vanessa Diffenbaugh - The Language of Flowers***
53. Khaled Hosseini - And the Mountains Echoed***
54. Haruki Murakami - What I Talk About When I Talk About Running**
55. Daniel Charles - Lords of the Harvest*****
56. Bill Lambercht - Dinner at the New Gene Cafe****
57. Jen Lancaster - If You Were Here**
58. Dan Brown - Inferno**
59. Betty Smith - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn*****
60. Tim Tharp - The Spectacular Now****
61. Pam Reed - The Extra Mile****
62. Kim Edwards - The Memory Keeper's Daughter****
63. Jhumpa Lahiri - Unaccustomed Earth***
64. Will Schwalbe - The End of Your Life Book Club****
65. Blake Mycoskie - Start Something That Matters*****
66. Kenneth Davis - Don't know much about the Civil War***
67. Nora Ephron - I Feel Bad about my Neck*****
68. L. Frank Baum - The Wizard of Oz****
69. Joshua Foer - Moonwalking with Einstein**
70. Don Miguel Ruiz - The Four Agreements***
71. David McCullough - 1776**
72. Sarah Vowell - Unfamiliar Fishes**
73. Nora Ephron - I Remember Nothing*****
74. Lucy M Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables***
75. Cheryl Strayed - Wild****
76. William Kamkwamba- The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind****
77. Kate Morton - The House at Riverton*****
78. Gillian Flynn - Gone Girl*****
79. Pittacus Lore - I am number four****
80. Mardi Jo Link - Bootstrapper***
81. Alexandra Fuller - Scribbling the Cat*****
82. Elizabeth von Arnim - The Enchanted April**
83. Cassandra Clare - City of Ashes****
84. David Denedictus - Return to the Hundred Acre Woods**
85. Kenneth Davis - America's Hidden History**
86. Erin Bried - How to Sew a Button**
87. Jeff Quinn - The last Gunfight***
88. Cassandra Clare - City of Glass****
89. Jim Fergus - One Thousand White Women****
90. Karen Thompson Walker - The Age of Miracles**
91. Paula McClain - The Paris Wife****
92. Pittacus Lore - The Power of Nine***
93. Mitch Albom - The First Phone Call from Heaven****
94. Ernest Hemingway - The Sun Also Rises**

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