Friday, October 23, 2009

Predictable Me

I really need to start being less predictable.

Twice this week I have jinxed myself.

First, I took it upon myself to fix one of my robots at work. Two screws and a little methanol that's all I needed to do a little routine maintenance. I can handle that. Whilst taking out the first screw I was thinking to myself "I can't believe I'm using an old fashioned screwdriver here, this is risky business. I really should request one of those fancy new, magnetized screwdrivers. What if I drop this screw down into the robot? That would be sucky. Its okay, I'll just be super careful"

And then.....

tink, tink, tink

"Oh crap!"

I have scoured all possible screw-landing-sites. It's not to be found. really. I even got out the flashlight and the mirror to look in the little nooks and crannies - hopefully it doesn't get stuck somewhere and cause some serious damage.

That was yesterday. This is today.

Remember these guys? Innocent little glass Hamilton syringes that get mercilessly accordioned into all kinds of shapes. After started yet another GC sample (remember - my 50 minute run time leash?) I was cleaning out the syringe and was thinking "Wouldn't it be horrible if I dropped one of these puppies on the ground? I bet it would smatter into eleventy-billion pieces. Let's not do that shall we" And just like that, I was turning it around in my hand to put it back in its box and I dropped it.


So anyway, I'm not going to predict any more bad things. I'm a little too accurate for my liking these days. While I'm at it, "Wouldn't it be amazing if I found a million dollars?"

A girl can dream right?

Monday, October 19, 2009

And then one day, It happened!

Did you know that I make amazing, delicious apple pies from scratch?
It's true. Ask the boy. Or you can ask the dad. But the dad will tell you anything that he didn't make himself is delicious, so you should ask the boy.
Last year, however, I did NOT make pies. Two reasons:

These guys - long on cute, not so much on helpfulness. I decided it couldn't be done to spend a whole afternoon in the kitchen with these two clamoring for my attention. So I took a year off.

We missed the pies!!

This year, I sat myself down and gave myself a stern talking to.

"Buck up Girl!"

There are tons of moms that have been slaving away in the kitchen all while raising little ones. And I only have TWO children. Which seemed like so little that weekend as I had parked myself right in front of an 18 kids and counting marathon.

I had bags full of apples thanks to my big Sister and I was looking for something to occupy myself since the boy was out of town on a business trip. (Who goes on business trips on the weekend anyway - the nerve). So I tucked the kids into their beds for nap time and tip-toed out to the kitchen.

I usually use the food processor to make the pie crust but I didn't want to risk waking the kids. So I rolled up my sleeves, knocked the dust off the pastry blender, and set to work.

I measured.
I blended.
I formed dough balls.
I peeled apples.
I cored them.
I cut them.
I marinated them in sweet, deliciousness.
I rolled out the crust.
I filled the pies.
I fluted edges.
I tucked them away in the freezer for later.

At first I started with one, then I thought "That wasn't too bad" and I did another. and another. and another. and another. That's right 5!

And at some point in the process. The kids woke up. And I found myself staring at two pretty-stinkin-good helpers.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Days gone by

At the risk of sounding like a cranky, old lady complaining about the cost of bread, and milk, and gasoline, I'm going to ask this. Doesn't anyone make their own cotton candy these days. Seriously? The last three fair/carnivals we have been to have all had the same non-descript pre-bagged sugar abomination they are trying to pass off for cotton candy.

Why? I really would like to know. Sure cotton candy spinning has got to be a sticky, taking-too-long-the-line-is-forming-around-the-block business, but isn't it worth it? I think it is.

And so I pout.

But then my big (Em) says she really would like to have some cotton candy.

And it is still kind of melt-in-your-mouth tasty delicious.

So I cave.

But in my opinion, hand-spun is still light-years better!!!


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