Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Year of the Goat

Yesterday, I was feeling a lot like this.
First day of training was rough. I was feeling more than a little bit picked on.
First, the instructor took a poll on the class' (read 5 total people) education.
Was that really necessary?!
Maybe it was. Maybe if I looked more my age and less like I'm twelve he wouldn't have done that. Maybe not, maybe its protocol and I was being sensitive. I am the only one there who doesn't have their PhD.
The whole day, he would pause mid lecture with a "Rebekah, do you understand?"
"Rebekah, what's the answer?"
"Rebekah, is that right?"
"Rebekah, please repeat back everything we learned the last 7 hrs."
HOLY HECK DUDE!! Give me a break. There are 4 other perfectly answerable peeps here. Seriously.
First I was cranky.
Then I thought maybe he's just trying to make sure I'm learning what I'm supposed.
Or maybe I'm just his scapegoat. His feedback on whether or not he's getting his point across. And since I am the one with "minimal" education here chances are I won't know the answer and he won't have to embarrass somebody else.
Lets hope that's the case.
There was a lot to learn. A lot of frequency and amplitude and voltage ramping and taylor cones and currents and blah blah blah Which actually is interesting to me but it's been such a long time since I've done that kind of physics and it takes time for me to process such things.
Today was slightly better. It was all Lab learning not book learning. I even got a few laughs out of the group for my I-kind-of-know-what-I-am-doing answers. At the end of the day there was one more, "Rebekah are you following?" To which I replied a loud "Yep".
And then the instructor got it. "You are just a quiet person aren't you?"
Hopefully. If not, only two more days.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thoughts from the Sky

I am not home.
Are you missing me?
(don't answer that - I will just assume that's a yes)

Yesterday was travel day. As I lay in my hotel bed trying to fall asleep (I should have loaded some good, old fashioned comedy on my mp3 player so I'd have someone familiar to sing to me to sleep), I reflected on the day. It was loooong. In summary:

1. Next time I am scheduled for 12 hours in transit (including time changes) I might not drink quite so much coffee in the morning. Maybe. Probably not though. For the record I only awkwardly climbed over my row-mates to go to the restroom once. But that was mostly because there was too much turbulence and getting up wasn't an option.

2. The guy sitting next to me slept the whole way. All the way. Who does that? And what would you do with yourself once you reached your destination....I thought I had a hard time falling asleep last night and I didn't even nap once on the trip.

3. More Books! Seriously. I am the queen of OVER packing. Just ask my Boy. I brought my current book club read thinking it would get me through this week nicely. And I needed to get it read anyway since we are going to talk about it next week. I finished it mid-flight.....grrrr. Mid-flight. As in, I now have six hours in which I need something to entertain myself with. I didn't bring a crossword book. I didn't bring my DS. I didn't bring any gossip magazines. I didn't bring any movies for the laptop. I sucked that one up, especially considering that when it was all said and done, my 12 hour day turned into a 15 hour day.

4. I really enjoy flying. And that was a good thing yesterday. The best part, in my opinion, is the taking off and landing. It's rarely smooth, sometimes a little scary, and always a little tiny thrill. I had two plane changes. Two. And then there was lightning. A LOT of lightning. We had to circle for almost an hour while we waited for the storm to pass so we could land.

5. Sugar babies...the best travel snack idea I have ever had.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Meet Bella Woozie

Have you heard?
Or maybe you noticed I have been a wee bit sleep deprived lately.

Our family has grown by four paws.

Meet Bella

These guys are in love:

Em so far has been an exceptionally good pet owner. She feeds, picks up her toys so Bella won't chew on them, is waiting ever so patiently for Bella to get a little bit bigger so they can sleep in the same bed together.
I for one am sticking to my belief that puppies are SO much harder to take care of than babies. I really mean it. Give me a newborn any day. I thought the same thing when Beatrix was a puppy. But then that was forever and pre-two children ago, what did I know. I testify before you know....I still think its true.
Good thing she's cute!

My Top Ten

Relyn has the best lists ever. I have serious list envy here. So I am stealing her top ten college classes list and making it my own. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Chemistry 101 - Technically, I learned absolutely nothing new in this class. I tested out of it on the high school AP test but not the lab portion. I was a little too little fish in a big pond to figure out how to just sign up for the lab and not the lecture. Which turned out fine. I never opened the book, barely took notes, sat in the back of the class....and loved every minute of it. Dr. Lemay was an amazing teacher. Also, it was the first time I'd ever have a random guy point-blank tell me three weeks into class that A.) I was radiating smartness, and B.) I was cute - which translates to: he was going to sit by me whether I liked it or not the whole semester. Imagine my surprise, four years later, when I walked into my very own dining room to find that exact same guy and Jacko studying biology together. Whatev - we all know I'm smarter than Jacko and he met me first.

2. Calculus II - There's some kind of comfort level knowing you are going to have ten math problems every night for homework. It's even more rewarding when you can figure most of them out on your own, when the professor grades on effort not answer, and that it all means you don't have to take the final. Damn those Dam problems.

3. Organic Chemistry Lab - Lets see: consistently having to stay in lab until 10pm without dinner, having to wear those freakishly, geeky lab glasses, TA from Hell. Why is this one on the favorites list? It was good old, fashioned Chemistry bench work....I like that. It was taught by Dr. Rose who still whole-heartily believes in only assigning two As for the whole class....I worked my ass off and got one of them. I shared a lab bench with a train-wreck of a girl.....and we got along famously. I did all the chemistry so she wouldn't mess up the experiments and she entertained me with stories about how she actually showed up and completed an ENTIRE physics lab in a class that she wasn't even in. True story, Hilarious, and the best part is she was all kinds of cranky because her lab partner wasn't there so she had to do the whole thing by herself. hahaha

4. Museology - 100%, undeniably a filler class. I should have graduated a semester early but I didn't have good advising and I needed something to take. Should anyone ever need a museum curator or a taxidermist - I'm your girl. (I think I mangled preserved for life something like 15 kangaroo rats.)

5. Organic Spectroscopy - Hands on learning of mass spec techniques. A nice way to sum up years of book learning into something actually useful.

6. Anthropology 201 - the HARDEST freaking non-science class I've ever taken in my life. All in the name of core curriculum. Pre-requisites be damned. Apparently. I decided I didn't need to take them. I put in so much extra effort into this class, but in the end I actually found myself enjoying it. Something about studying the people you came from so you can see where you are headed in life. Very Earth Children series meets Three Cups of Tea.

7. Western Traditions - Not so much the content but the professor. Bernie Schopen. No need to say more. He was entertaining in every single class and I don't think he was trying to be. I loved him enough that I took the first two classes my freshman year and then refused to take the last required class until I could fit it into my schedule. I had to wait until senior year but it was worth it.

8. The Social History of Medicine - Black Death, Small Pox, STDs, influenza, you know - all the good stuff.

9. Biochemistry 400 - The class in which I gained all sorts of seemingly random facts. Like how Viagra was discovered. Do you know?? I do! Or the difference between NSAIDS and COX II inhibitors - think pain pills here. Or best fact ever.....did you know that if you have something sugary with your caffeine you will actually get a better caffeine buzz. True fact. Something about the glucose in your blood stream making the caffeine harder to absorb so it stays in your system longer. This would also NOT be class in which the professor asked me a completely easy, everyone should know the answer to this question-question in front of the whole class. Want to know what it was?

Dr. Schooley: Rebekah, how many volts are in a AA battery?

Me: Eh...Umm....(shrug)...."What is - I don't Know for $1,000, Alex?"

Not. Even. Joking. Do you know? Just off the top of your head like that? Am I the only one who doesn't just know these things? I do now, of course.

10. Intro to Biochemistry Lab - The class that weeds out the biology majors from the biochemistry ones. No joke. Wimpy biology students run for the hills when they get to this class. It was hard. The only Lab I had a practical in (Translation - in ADDITION to the cumulative final we were at random required to perform a biochemical lab technique and prove we know how to do it, no notes, no lab partner. Get it right you pass, get it wrong a big, fat ZERO on the final.) No joke. But really I learned everything I needed to know to be a good lab rat from this class.

Friday, March 12, 2010

shivering with antici.........pation

Maybe not this kind. But since I can't think anticipation without a little Rocky Horror Picture show, I had to share that. That's what happens with the first R rated movie you ever see not under parental supervision. You know, rights of passage and what-not.

Two weeks. Only two more weeks until my sister comes to visit. I am more than a little excited. There will be some of this, only a little different:

Of course a little FBing because that's how we roll:

And even though she is Queen of looks like this:

I keep her around because we always make these when she comes:

Maybe I will share this time. Maybe. If you beg.

Because I miss being able to do this whenever I want, just a little:

circa 1999 for those who were wondering.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brad Paisley - The Highlights

Someday, I will figure out how to make fun videos with music and everyone will be jealous.
Today is not that day.
Or Timbra could figure it out and teach me how.
Or Alaine could just volunteer to work her iMovie magic.
Any of those options are just fine with me.

So this post is kind of sort of late. For the above reasons and I couldn't decide how I was going to handle the plethora of pictures I took at the concert. So here are just a few:

There's Bradweiser - for obvious, The Boy's work related reasons

There's Heidi Jo and I (still sporting the back up glasses - apparently I cannot be motivated to put the screw back into my current pair so the lens won't keep popping out...not even for Brad.)

There's Taylor Swift playing guitar hero, which is probably as close as I ever will come to seeing T.S. in concert. And she lost, I believe, for the record.

There's the Twin Towers

There's Baseball

And There's Andy and Heidi in all their cuteness. And Andy, before he quit smiling because the music was too loud.

Notice there is no Chubby Bekah picture here...I prefer to leave those on FB for all sorts of strangers to see. (Sheri's lucky I love her).

Content-wise two thumbs up. This was my first concert at the new convention center in Reno. The sound was crappy - not sure if it was just a fluke or if all concerts would sound like that there.

We even ran into one Miss Kayla J. The Boy was ecstatic because she actually said Hi to him and hugged him in front of all four of her girlfriends. Which according to him means he's the Favorite Uncle.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Reason No. 7 Why Bobbo doesn't need his very own puppy

Just look at that face!! He is going to Grapes of Wrath love that puppy to death.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Awwww....wasn't he handsome

I came across this old video I made forever and a day ago.
Maybe I won't trade him for a kitten after all.

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

Today, God Told Me to Grow Nuts

I ran across this poem in the gardening book I just finished. I liked it. I've heard the whole teach a man to fish bit, but this one was longer. So now, I am spamming you with it.

If you give a man a fish, he will have a meal.
If you teach him to fish, he will have a living.
If you are thinking a year ahead, sow seed.
If you are thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree.
If you are thinking one hundred years ahead, educate the people.
By sowing seed once, you will harvest once.
By planting a tree, you will harvest tenfold.
By educating the people, you will harvest one hundredfold.

anonymous Chinese Poet, 420 B.C.

Kind of bittersweet to find it now, amid all the education cutbacks that just rolled out.

But.....the point....I'm thinking about planting a nut tree. Is that an option? What kind? I think I'd love a pecan tree but they must only grow in the south. maybe. The book I was reading was really about subsistence farming. Growing all the food/meat you would need to be self-sufficient. Not for me. But a nut tree might just be.
Maybe I should see what the fruit trees do this year first (While I research my possible Nut tree options). Mini-me has been scouring the pages of that gardening book too. Yesterday from the back seat she called out, "Mama, can we grow cherries?"
To which I replied, after the scowl crossed my face, "I think that's what I'm trying to do."

Because it is. Lets review:
Attempts at peach trees - 2
Number of peaches grown in the last 4 years - 1
Attempts at Cherry trees - 1
Number of Cherries grown in the last 4 years - 2
Number of Fruitless Mulberry trees purchased - 2
Number of Fruitless Mulberry trees that died and came back as a Fruiting Mulberry - 1

1. Supposedly fruit trees need a few years to establish themselves
2. Those cursed and all too frequent late frosts
3. God's trying to tell me to move on to nut trees?

Regardless. This year I'm going all out crazy with the strawberries. Why? Because I can. And because last year I think I got two total all summer. Those 'helpers' of mine were out in the strawberry bed every night eating every strawberry that was even the lightest shade of pink.

What Will You Say Today?

I might miss them eventually, but I'd really rather not be on a first name basis with my pharmacist. And I miss Zeke. She was the best cat.

How come no one has called the Governor to task yet? Seriously. Just raise taxes already. This is getting ridiculous.


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