Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Check marks

The thing about bucket lists is that if you share them with people then all of a sudden you have something to be accountable for.  It's really a double edged sword that "someday" list.

My way craftier than me, Sister-in-Law, made this medal holder last year for my birthday.  Knowing that I had "run a full marathon" on my bucket list she made me a separate peg just for that.  Cause you know, marathon medals shouldn't have to be lumped in with all the other race distances...they are an accomplishment that should be recognized by themselves.

And there that empty peg was, staring at me, each time I added a race bib to the wall.  So, when are you going to get around to that...

The thing about marathons is you have to really commit to them.  You can't just decide one day you're going to go for it (unless you are the husband I suppose).  And I do have that pesky little issue with my knee where it is missing some of it's fancy padding and 100 miles a week isn't really a good choice.  So I made a game plan that I thought would work and chose to follow the crossfit endurance training program.

It involved crossfit (which I love anyway), a couple days a week of track work, and some strategically placed long runs.  

So, I hung the training calendar on the fridge and off we went for twelve weeks.  The boy has always been so supportive of my crazy ideas.  He even showed up to rescue me on my long run that day my music died and I needed a pep talk and sip of coffee.

After what felt like the longest/hottest summer on record, race weekend was here.  I knew if this was going to be a one and done endeavor for me, then Running with the Bears was the race I wanted to do.  It's small, a beautiful route, and has the best aid stations and spirit ever.

bear claw tattoos are tradition!

It was so nice to have Mama Woolsey pacing me on her bike.  I didn't think about it before hand but it was the best choice on race day I could have made.  She kept me company and distracted from the miles as they ticked by.  And she's laughing in this picture, because I insisted we take a selfie before I got tired and cranky!

(I know ice baths are good for you but they are so, so, so cold!)

And then before I knew it, the race was over and I was eating bananas and taking a dip in the ice bath.

I don't know what we were talking about but this is my favorite picture from the weekend!

The rest of the race crew (they ran the 10K cause they are not nearly as crazy as I am).

Final time, 4:18, which earned me third place in my age group.  No where near a Boston qualifying time for my age but I'm very happy with my finish time!

And with that there is a giant check mark on my life's bucket list.
You know what, it feels pretty great!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

first days

Time for another school year to begin.  This mama is actually looking forward to getting back into a weekly routine with regular bedtimes.  

The girlchild is starting her last year at elementary school.  She's got a fantastic teacher and they will be learning Nevada History this year.

Burrito got the teacher he wished for but none of his best buddies.  The good news is there is still recess and a chance to make new friends too.  p.s. don't let Bob's face fool you...he's wicked excited about school.  Just thinks he's too cool to smile for mama.

As for me, I'm patiently waiting to hear how the first day went and hoping the kids love their first day of school presents I left on their beds this morning!


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