Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Getting out of town

We decided to take advantage of the long weekend and head over the hill for some play days.

The main attraction was to see the Star Wars exhibit at the Tech Museum in San Jose.  They also had a section on genetics at the museum which the science nerd in me loved.

The museum had a complete lab where you could insert the jelly fish green fluorescent protein into bacteria.  It takes about a day for your colonies to grow so you can log into their website the following day and see how you did.

I was pretty impressed with my minions work!

We also stopped at the Sacramento Zoo.  It has become a tradition to take our picture in front of the fish tank even though the last two times we've been there it's been dry.  It's a fun way to see how the babies are growing.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Scenes from this week

watching the winter olympics

"Hey mom, can we cheer for Canada?"
"Hey mom, how come we can't have a ski jump into the swimming pool?"
"Hey mom, did you see that?  That was a level 10 trick"
"Hey mom, can we make more popcorn?"

Thoughts on this Valentine's day

The makings of probably the very best, tastiest, homemade sugar cookies ever!

While, I was planning on teasing you with these sugar cookies, which we made to take to the assisted living home in town.  I will have to save it for another day.  Partly because I was going to share the top secret family recipe here, but I forgot it at home (of course!).  And partly because today there was a fatality accident on my normal route to work.  An accident that happened at exactly the time and location that I *should* have been at had I not been running 10 minutes late.
Late, because today is Valentine's day.
Because there were gifts to gift this morning,
and sleepy, week-weary children to prod along
and sleepover bags to pack
and favorite stuffed animals to find.
It is all just a small (or maybe a big) reminder that everyday is a gift.
And I'm thankful I get to spend today with my loves.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Working on it

The kids are working on their bravery
and the mama is working on letting them be brave without a giant plastic bubble


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