Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Somebody really ought to tell the boy....

....that this is NOT the face of a sleeping child. It's the face of a faker!!!! And he's not fooling anyone.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What?! No Birthday Blog

I think I possibly have been in a small amount of getting older denial....but I really haven't come up with anything witty or clever about turning (cough!) twenty-eight.

But for those who missed did happen. There was poor man's filet mignon (thanks Sheri!), ribs (thanks Husband!), Orange birthday cake (yummy!) and good company!

There. Now let us not speak of this again.

Monday, August 10, 2009

AutoSamplers Gone Wild - The rated version

There have been some crazy speculations that Rebekah doesn't really work at work - shame on you all (you know who you are)!!!

I have been spending a bit of time on FaceBook lately and I'd like to plead my case. It's true that I haven't been doing very much MALDI lately. In part because its been summer and all the students are off playing and because we are in the midst of some new major instrument acquisitions. Which translates to: A whole lot of paperwork, waiting around, and talking to salesmen. the meantime I've been running the GC in the lab. The GC came with a wonderful, amazing autosampler.

Basically a tray where IN THEORY you could load all your samples up press go, walk away from the machine and come back in the morning to all of your work being done.

But, for some reason, the autosampler gets wild-n-crazy and if you don't babysit it you will come back to this:

A whole lot of bent needles, samples that haven't been run and will need to be re-made. Soooo....I sit at my desk, work on my farm, and every 1 hr I go check on my patients.


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