Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Rad Run

I have been eyeballing this 5K for a while.  The closest race to home had been Sacramento up until now.  And I was having a hard time convincing the tribe to drive to Sacramento just for a 5K.  But Color Me Rad came to Reno this year.    So it was an easier sell.

In case you were wondering just how crazy the color was, here is our before picture. 

At the very end, every runner got their own color bomb to throw at the designated, celebratory time. 
Emma had some much fun she kept running back into the crowd to do it again.  The run was seriously so fun, I don't even mind that two weeks after I paid full price for registration it was half price on groupon. 

6 years old and first 5K in the books!  She did great too, only walking a little bit on the hills.

Come back to Reno again, Color Me Rad, I'd repeat the fun!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I went to the mudder

And she bested me.  But I had such a great time getting my booty kicked. 
Here are just a few pictures of the day.  I'm off to shower and scrub the gravel out of my elbows. 

That's me in red, assessing the ring situation.  I assessed poorly.
 Ended up swimming.

Halfway done.  Yay!

Some of American Savage.
It's only pipes filled with water and barbed wire above, no big deal.

Quick photo break

Still have a little more scrubbing to do on my number.  Can you tell which knee is swollen?

Even though I didn't get to finish the course (I buckled my knee on obstacle #14 at mile 8) I accomplished quite a bit and am happy.  Plus I got to ride in the medical vehicle down the mountain and have hot chocolate with the EMTs. Experiencing a little bit of the behind the scenes action of the race.  I think the EMT girl could tell I was frustrated and trying not to cry, she drew me the sweetest, sharpie heart across the tape of my knee bandage.  It's the little things in life.

Should the opportunity arise again, you can be I'll be settling the score with the Tough Mudder!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An Excellent Question

Hey Mom, how come Flavia doesn't run screaming from the room like a terrified, school girl anymore when I try to hug her?

THAT is a good question, Bob.  And also, where did you learn the phrase terrified school girl?

All By Herself

The 6 yr old wrote the shopping list for me.  I think she hoped I wouldn't notice that she added oreos to the bottom of the list without me telling her to.
I got the halloween kind with orange in the middle. 
That girl has got my number alright.

And then we went to knitting club at the library together. 
A new library card was acquired.
Books were checked out.
You know....the usual.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Not Quite There Yet

Hey mom, did you know that Emma and I both have sketchers?

Yep, because I'm pretty much the coolest mom ever.

Yeah, maybe someday you will be a rock star.

TRUTH:  Bob does not have sketchers....But I figured why argue right?

Friday, September 14, 2012

And this one is my baby

A first child is your own best foot forward, and how you do cheer those little feet as they strike out...
But the last one:
the baby who trails her scent like a flag of surrender through your life when there will be no more coming after--
oh, that's love by a different name. 
She is the babe you hold in your arms for an hour after she's gone to sleep. 
If you put her down in the crib,
she might wake up changed and fly away. 
So instead you rock by the window,
drinking the light from her skin,
breathing her exhaled dreams. 
Your heart bays to the double crescent moons of those closed lashes on her cheeks. 
She's the one you can't put down.

~The Poisonwood Bible

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sharing the Abundance

Thanks to last year's mild winter, there were blossoms and tiny fruit on both the peach and cherry tree in our backyard this spring.  And then one week in June we had a few very blustery days and the wind blew all of the peaches off of the tree.

It was a sad day.

But thanks to my sister we get to enjoy peaches after all.

We spent the afternoon in Smith Valley, picking peaches, visiting cousins, and enjoying ribs.
A perfect day if you ask me.

What to do with all the peaches that came home?

I quite like this
If ever you liked upside down cake you must try this (we left the almonds out)
We tried two different grilled peaches recipes that both were pretty tasty, but I still want to try this one

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sex on the Moon

Did you hear the story about Thad Roberts?  How he and a couple accomplices stole moon rocks from NASA in 2002 and attempted to sell them on the Internet?

I picked up this book because I knew it was a true story and I had really enjoyed Ben Mezrich's Accidental Billionaires.  As I read through the book, I kept coming back to the same question.  How did I miss this news story at the time? 

The book details how Thad became a co-op at NASA in Houston and how the heist was planned, carried out, and the FBI sting that followed. 

The story moves pretty fast and would be a good read for a weekend vacation or the next time you travel by air.  And then you'll know all the major facts of the great moon rock heist, for the next time you appear on Jeopardy of course.

The wild ones

But which two are mine?

Bob at the Parade

Parade pictures never get old. 

I was so busy pilfering candy out of the bags when Bob wasn't looking that I didn't get any 'action' shots....
But I did get this one.
The boy is wearing shorts.
It's hard to tell I know.

I said it the day he was born and I'll say it again.
This kid has the shortest legs ever!

He's still a keeper though.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Best Kinds of Play Dates

Making memories with friends



Tuesday, September 4, 2012

oh my

Hey Mom, there's a new girl in my class and she is just too cute for me. 

Oh yeah?  What's her name?

I didn't get her name mom. She's just too cute.  She's the one with the flower on her gym suit.  I just got my looking binoculars stuck on her and I couldn't get her out of them.

I hope she's in my class again next week.


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