Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Rad Run

I have been eyeballing this 5K for a while.  The closest race to home had been Sacramento up until now.  And I was having a hard time convincing the tribe to drive to Sacramento just for a 5K.  But Color Me Rad came to Reno this year.    So it was an easier sell.

In case you were wondering just how crazy the color was, here is our before picture. 

At the very end, every runner got their own color bomb to throw at the designated, celebratory time. 
Emma had some much fun she kept running back into the crowd to do it again.  The run was seriously so fun, I don't even mind that two weeks after I paid full price for registration it was half price on groupon. 

6 years old and first 5K in the books!  She did great too, only walking a little bit on the hills.

Come back to Reno again, Color Me Rad, I'd repeat the fun!

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