Friday, March 19, 2010

Meet Bella Woozie

Have you heard?
Or maybe you noticed I have been a wee bit sleep deprived lately.

Our family has grown by four paws.

Meet Bella

These guys are in love:

Em so far has been an exceptionally good pet owner. She feeds, picks up her toys so Bella won't chew on them, is waiting ever so patiently for Bella to get a little bit bigger so they can sleep in the same bed together.
I for one am sticking to my belief that puppies are SO much harder to take care of than babies. I really mean it. Give me a newborn any day. I thought the same thing when Beatrix was a puppy. But then that was forever and pre-two children ago, what did I know. I testify before you know....I still think its true.
Good thing she's cute!


  1. She is awfully cute!
    (Don't tell her I said that either)



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