Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why We Need Dads

(Dad, Burrito, and Em)

Because activities such as this make me cringe and run for the nearest sink.

I don't do paint, it's way too messy for me. Ranks right up there with play doh and moon sand.

But The Boy does. He made new boxes for Em's rock collection since it has grown exponentially now that she is hanging out with Me mere twice a week. All your basic school colors were represented; red, blue, yellow, and green. Of course, Em wanted every color in every spot so the whole container turned out kind of brown and defeated the whole point of painting it in the first place. Kids.....Whatcha gonna do? Right?
Burrito clearly does not have good brush stroke form. Which, no doubt, has everything to do with the fact that I don't let him do crafts with us girls. Ever. I might just win the Mean Mom award yet. But That is why we have daddys after all isn't it?

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