Friday, April 23, 2010

Even Year Traditions

The Woolsey IVs do not have very many family traditions they can call their own.  I'd like to think its because we are still young and adjusting to life and NOT because I am a big slacker.
Please ignore the fact that the Easter Bunny DID NOT visit our house this year until the Wednesday after the Wednesday after Easter (that's 10 days).......okay, okay, maybe I do suck a little.
But, there IS something that we do every even year.
And that is to visit everybody's favorite mouse.
You might know him, his name is Mickey.

The boy and I went together the first time for our honeymoon.  We decided three days just isn't enough time there, and vowed to go back.  Soon.  and Longer.
It helps that some of our favorite Woolsey relatives live amazingly close to Disneyland (an excuse to go visit) and that Will's Dad used to love going there as a young person.  It's a way to keep his memory alive and feel maybe just a little bit closer to him now.
Here are some of our past years' highlights.  I didn't fully embrace the digital picture world until 2008 - sorry for the less than stellar picture quality.  What can I say, I am positively allergic to change in my life in any form, technology included.

Highlights from this year will surely include:
Hugs and Kisses from Aunt Jani
Hopefully getting to feed Aunt Jani's tortoise (if its out of hibernation now)
Woolsey family stories about ketchup and potato chip sandwiches and the like
Eating ginormous dill pickles at the park in memoriam of Grandpa
Swimming at the hotel
Emma is tall enough to ride the Matterhorn this time, will she do it or be afraid???
Splashing around in the Bug's Life Park
The Abraham Lincoln Theater is open again with a new show
I've heard the Rivers of America is dry right now....that will be cool to see
I think Burrito is going to LOVE LOVE the Jungle Cruise (as much bad talk as I've been know to say about it)
We haven't done the Tiki Room since our Honeymoon, should we brave it again for the kids sake?  (Not sure if I'm ready for that.)
Churros....MMmmMMmm...sweet, delicious churros

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