Monday, April 5, 2010

Bad Case of the Mondays

I think even Em is starting to feel the end of winter blahs.
My list includes
- spring fever with no cure yet
- oh, the wind how it does blow. Which I hate.
- rough work days

But I did run across this video the other day....I like it.  It's kind of cute and sassy.  Reminds me of Avril's I don't like your boyfriend video (which I also like)

Soon. Soon I will be out in the backyard with my bright yellow visor on, weeding the garden in my swim suit so as I do not get a horrible farmers tan. Soon I will be out running again in the early morning hours, listening to the dew sizzle on the power lines over head.  Soon I will be sitting on the back porch sipping sweet tea and swatting at mosquitoes.


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