Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today, God Told Me to Grow Nuts

I ran across this poem in the gardening book I just finished. I liked it. I've heard the whole teach a man to fish bit, but this one was longer. So now, I am spamming you with it.

If you give a man a fish, he will have a meal.
If you teach him to fish, he will have a living.
If you are thinking a year ahead, sow seed.
If you are thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree.
If you are thinking one hundred years ahead, educate the people.
By sowing seed once, you will harvest once.
By planting a tree, you will harvest tenfold.
By educating the people, you will harvest one hundredfold.

anonymous Chinese Poet, 420 B.C.

Kind of bittersweet to find it now, amid all the education cutbacks that just rolled out.

But.....the point....I'm thinking about planting a nut tree. Is that an option? What kind? I think I'd love a pecan tree but they must only grow in the south. maybe. The book I was reading was really about subsistence farming. Growing all the food/meat you would need to be self-sufficient. Not for me. But a nut tree might just be.
Maybe I should see what the fruit trees do this year first (While I research my possible Nut tree options). Mini-me has been scouring the pages of that gardening book too. Yesterday from the back seat she called out, "Mama, can we grow cherries?"
To which I replied, after the scowl crossed my face, "I think that's what I'm trying to do."

Because it is. Lets review:
Attempts at peach trees - 2
Number of peaches grown in the last 4 years - 1
Attempts at Cherry trees - 1
Number of Cherries grown in the last 4 years - 2
Number of Fruitless Mulberry trees purchased - 2
Number of Fruitless Mulberry trees that died and came back as a Fruiting Mulberry - 1

1. Supposedly fruit trees need a few years to establish themselves
2. Those cursed and all too frequent late frosts
3. God's trying to tell me to move on to nut trees?

Regardless. This year I'm going all out crazy with the strawberries. Why? Because I can. And because last year I think I got two total all summer. Those 'helpers' of mine were out in the strawberry bed every night eating every strawberry that was even the lightest shade of pink.

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