Friday, February 25, 2011

A Reliable Wife

A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick

This was just a story. A story of people, of Ralph and Emilia and Antonio and Catherine and the mothers and the fathers what had died, too soon or too late, of people who had hurt one another as much as people can do, who had been selfish and not wise, and had become trapped inside the bitter walls of memories they wished they had never had.

I bought this book for one of the prizes the month that I hosted bunco at my house.  But the I got nervous and worried whether the person who won it would even be a reader or not like the genre or just plain think it was a sucky gift.  Such things happen.

Since I was reading something else at the time, I let my sister-in-law borrow it.  She told me it was the worst book she ever read.  That struck me as odd since it came so highly recommended from the Borders sales girl the day I picked it out.  She told me that everyone (the employees) were reading it right now and everyone was loving it.  Since I bought the book I felt obligated to read it even though the sister-in-law's review was -3 stars.  I personally thought it was like a sex, drugs, and rock n roll story set in a different time.  Or that it was a love story in the way that Wuthering Heights is a love story (only I liked the end of this one a lot better).

I didn't get very far into the book before I came across this passage:

I'm the kind of woman who wants to know the end of the story, she thought, starting at her face in the jostling mirror. I want to know how its going to end before it even starts.

And I couldn't help but think, now there's a girl after my own heart.  I am queen of plot-spoiling and looking up book summaries online while I am still mid-way through the book.  I just need to know that I'm going to approve of the ending. 

I say give it a try.  It is after all, on the book end cap at Raley's right this very minute.  You may like it or hate it.  Such things happen. 

And I leave you with this, from the author's interview at the back of my book:
Life isn't fair, and it can fill you with joy or break your heart, all because of choices we make, all because of the unforeseen consequences of actions we take without thinking.

Isn't that the truth.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Public Service Announcement

This is the post where I admit that it took me 6 weeks to figure out how to use the nike+ chip with my new nano.

6 weeks!

Isn't that ridiculous?!  I think it is.  And I'm ashamed to admit it.  I got the new nano for christmas, the one that has a touch screen.   But then the weather was bad.  Then, the weather was fabulous and I assumed it would be as easy as plugging the sensor in and hitting the open road.  I ran 5 miles.  And in that 5 miles, I tried to calibrate my sensor by 1 mile increments, 5 times.  Five times.  Five times I ran the mile only to get a calibrate unsuccessful message. 

So I shelfed it for a week begging the task off to and thinking I needed to read the instructions.  The next weekend I decided to give it another try on the open road.  Afterall, you just plug the sensor into the ipod, walk around to recognize the chip, choose calibrate on the menu and press stop at the end of 1 mile.

Fail. Again.

So then I decided that I really did need to read the instructions.  And I learned absolutely nothing from either the nano instructions or the Nike+ instructions. (except that's not really true because I did learn that I can change the direction of the screen on the ipod by putting two fingers on the screen and twisting).

After some extensive and random google searches I came across one on one of those answers websites that says the chip has to be attached to your shoe nike swoop up.

Swoop up People!

I should have known?
I should have guessed?
I had a 50:50 chance and I got it wrong.

So.  If you are having trouble, check your swoop.

That is all.

I am off to run!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I went to the beach and didn't put my toes in the ocean

View from my hotel window
 The boy and I took a well needed vacation (work related, but no children) last weekend.  Aside from crazy, ridiculous delays and missed flights at the airport it was a nice get away.  We literally were this close to the beach but never ventured down to the water to put our toes in.    I really am okay with that.  There were quite a few surfers enjoying the waves.  It was entertaining watching them try to catch the perfect wave all while I was happily eating breakfast and sipping coffee.  Don't worry, I kept my eyes peeled for sharks.  No sighting to report.

Summary of the weekend:
All the lobster, clams, oysters, prime rib, pizza, hot dogs, s'mores, brownies, etc any person could consume
A ridiculous percentage of Left Center Right wins against unsuspecting gamblers (only $3 to play people, $3)
20 fingers and 20 toes pampered, scrubbed and polished
4 spicy, yet tasty bloody marys thoroughly enjoyed
2.5 books read during said airport fiasco
1 impulse airport buy
0 wins from any of the 3 superbowl pools we participated

And then right before we had to leave for the airport to come home, The Boy saved my $4 chocolate strawberry from a greedy of the many reasons I love that boy.


p.s. Completely unrelated to this post - Relyn always has the best lists.  I love this one.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Could you hear the crickets chirping from my corner?

Hello.  Hello. Hello.

Echo.  Echo. Echo.

Anybody home?  Anybody home?  Anybody home? noticed I haven't been around here lately, huh?

Sorry for that. 

Aren't I too young for a mid-life crisis?  Please tell me I am.  But I have been feeling like I'm having one.  Is it because I'm 29.5 years old this month?  That's right, this is the big 30 year.  Except it shouldn't matter because I am standing firm at 25 for as long as I can get away with it.

But, I had a rough patch there.  And I lost my funny and entertaining there for a minute.  I'm still here.  Not dead yet.  Feverishly working on my happy.  And I have been stockpiling posts in my head, reading some good books, spending some much needed time with those people I hold nearest and dearest to my heart.

Should you feel like giving me a pep talk about the ups and downs of life or a stern talking to about straightening up my attitude, go for it.  I probably need both.


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